Tunjukkan catatan dari Ogos 4, 2013

post # Muslimah Niqab

Stund Up ...says Rais cLASS

"Assalamualaikum wrt Teacher and Good Morning " says STUDENTS class Klasik....

Oke It nothing just laugh for Today What You ALL ramadhan ? Nice ?

Post today about this Topic And I hope some YOU all Understood .

All of You Know About Niqab OR purdah .Some like THIS
AND then What You Doing if some of You ask "

"why doyou wearveil (Purdah) "? 

so This You Answer ...
will not beas fast asthe

letthe story,,

God bless youafter 2 days ofwearpurdah. Whoablefeelhappythatatthose whodescribetheistiqamah
iknowthat wearing thepurdahis nottheawkwardandido not evenwant toseethemcontinue to want towear.
Thetalkiseasyandis dependentonfaith... ifthe intentionisforAllah..God bless you, If notit isturnedonintentionandask yourselfwhymustwear.
the scope oftoday onlyaboutmuslimahthe niqabandiwantlongrightagain.inshallah
Finishedlastafteriftar, iReturning homeandthe storyrightthere a wayhow to eat.... sotherekatdebate
Mydad: How how to eatthat?? diffi…