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loves Notes Ramadhan

Morning is now treading on four, And the third night break, Tears, gently waving from the heart, Is still small and bamboo shoots Mouth is trying to serve, Haw movement of his humility, Locking the seeds are tapped, Liver, gamaknya same Cover small suspicion, Remember, have forgotten, Latent, have reconciled, Do, ask forgiveness Hopefully it's true deletions, With compassion and restless Touba, Nian beautiful cry, Vanity because not achieved at most terrified, God is All Embracing Love, Tickle the taste of nature than Whatsoever comes, You just let Semahunya here, Blew the spirits want to change, migration, Enough of tergadah twenty-five, Never effective without khasyiatullah The wistful sorrowful dismay, Still able to smile vanity because, Keep all members of the soul, However masihlah continue it groan, Apply to cry May eventually, Tersadur heart; Clear white co meanings Koran, To lead happy to Sana.

Separation of Human benevolence 'Bercouple'

"I was very loved. But I had to 'clash' with him .. " "Why is that?" "Because I always remember him until I always forget God." "Pergh .. terbaiklah bro! Thank God .. " Lucky can one lover like. Imagine .. Certainly he was able to feel the love of God so that handlers are willing to part ways with the man who always loved the wrong way. Yes .. so .. choose to separate because God is very wise decision. That's actually a choice of faith. When you realize yourself often stuck with sin when ber'couple ', have faith in yourself will surely rebuke. Very best people who are willing to accept criticism from the faith. Hurry-hurry receive admonition faith in faith before the lust took over. Indeed best. That decision brings benefits for himself and his girlfriend. Fuck. But you make the decision to not ber'couple '. After the decision was made, will be reduced or no further episodes hold hands, touch-touch, bermanja-pamperi…

choosing - si A or Si B

Among the topics are often shared - make choices about matchmaking. It feels more difficult choice as both candidates look good and have their respective advantages.
Also known to have their own drawbacks, which makes us very cautious mixed anxious to make a choice.
Friends and dear brothers, take the time necessary to Ta'aruf and develop communication either direct or through intermediaries.
It is important we as a human effort to investigate, investigate, interrogate surveys and other forms of information and background search people we tend to accept it as a life partner.
Not looking for perfection, not to dig up the shame of others - but our investigation and observation to potential companion is important preparation.
It was an eye opener for us to build a home with the chest open and ready with the possibility of it.
We encourage our research, we musyawarahkan with mom and dad or the people that trust and knowledge. We are not asking others to make decisions, but their v…